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How do we move forward in omega-3 research when studies results are inconsistent?

29 Oct 2015 | Under Heart Health, Omega-3 Index, Research | Posted by | 0 Comments

As we have blogged about before, the omega-3 field has been embroiled in controversy recently as randomized controlled trials have not consistently been able to replicate the benefits found in preclinical and epidemiological studies.  A 2015 review entitled “Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids: The Way Forward in Times of Mixed Evidence” provides a balanced overview of […]

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RESEARCH UPDATE: Taking trans fats out of food supply resulted in fewer cardiovascular-related hospital admissions

5 Oct 2015 | Under Heart Health, News, Research, Trans Fat Index | Posted by | 0 Comments

RESEARCH UPDATE Today, we are updating a blog we wrote about the decline of trans fats in our food supply and the subsequent drop in blood levels of trans fats [see original blog post below]. What should follow this change in the food supply is a drop in cardiovascular disease… which is exactly what researchers […]

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