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New Research: RBC Fatty Acids Predict Development of Type 2 Diabetes in a Large Cohort Study

18 Apr 2016 | Under News, Research | Posted by | 0 Comments

Type 2 diabetes (T2D) is a growing concern as more people are getting diagnosed each year. According to the CDC, 86 million American adults (~1 in 3) have prediabetes, and 9 out of 10 do not know it. 15-30% of those with prediabetes will develop T2D within 5 years. Patients with prediabetes can reduce their risk […]

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Congrats to Dr. Bill!

12 Apr 2016 | Under Heart Health, News, Omega-3 Index, Research | Posted by | 0 Comments

Dr. Bill Harris, the founder, president and CEO of OmegaQuant, was recognized earlier this year for his work in establishing the Omega-3 Index as a potential biomarker for cardiovascular disease risk. He received an Achievement Award from the Global Organization of EPA and DHA Omega-3s, or GOED. GOED is an association of manufacturers, marketers and […]

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