Increasing the Omega-3 Index helps a damaged heart recover

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After someone has had a heart attack, some of their heart tissue has been damaged or is dead (“myocardial infarct”). The ability for the heart to “remodel” itself in order to compensate for the dead tissue or even revive said tissue is imperative for the heart to be able to function again; if the heart […]

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Confirmation of Omega-3 Index Target Values from New Study in JAMA-Internal Medicine

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There has been controversy in recent years about the relationship between omega-3 fatty acids and risk for heart disease, fatal and non-fatal. A new paper published in JAMA (June 2016) by Del Gobbo et al. pooled individual patient data from 19 cohorts, which included over 45,000 patients, and compared their risk for fatal and non-fatal […]

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DHA Deficit in Bipolar Disorder

21 Jun 2016 | Under Mental Health, Omega-3 Index, Research | Posted by | 0 Comments

Bipolar disorder is a disorder of the brain that is characterized by periods of depression and mania. Like many brain-related diseases such as depression and ADHD, there is a hypothesis that omega-3 fatty acids, particularly DHA, may play a role in its pathophysiology and possibly its treatment. Drs. McNamara and Welge of the University of […]

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A Global View of Omega-3 Index Levels

26 May 2016 | Under Heart Health, News, Omega-3 Index, Research | Posted by | 1 Comment

This new paper by Stark et al. attempted to estimate worldwide omega-3 status by extrapolation from published data derived from multiple sample types. Different studies have used different specimens (plasma, serum, whole blood, red blood cells, etc) and/or measured different fatty acids (e.g., EPA+DHA+DPA) to define “omega-3 status.” This makes combining and comparing data from […]

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New Research: RBC Fatty Acids Predict Development of Type 2 Diabetes in a Large Cohort Study

18 Apr 2016 | Under News, Research | Posted by | 0 Comments

Type 2 diabetes (T2D) is a growing concern as more people are getting diagnosed each year. According to the CDC, 86 million American adults (~1 in 3) have prediabetes, and 9 out of 10 do not know it. 15-30% of those with prediabetes will develop T2D within 5 years. Patients with prediabetes can reduce their risk […]

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Congrats to Dr. Bill!

12 Apr 2016 | Under Heart Health, News, Omega-3 Index, Research | Posted by | 0 Comments

Dr. Bill Harris, the founder, president and CEO of OmegaQuant, was recognized earlier this year for his work in establishing the Omega-3 Index as a potential biomarker for cardiovascular disease risk. He received an Achievement Award from the Global Organization of EPA and DHA Omega-3s, or GOED. GOED is an association of manufacturers, marketers and […]

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The “Omega-3 Status” of Average Americans

26 Jan 2016 | Under Heart Health, News, Omega-3 Index, Research | Posted by | 1 Comment

As we previously reported, the Omega-3 Index was measured in a large, representative population of Canadians … and the US has followed suit (sort of)! Dr. Rachel Murphy and colleagues analyzed fasting plasma samples from ~1,400 adults surveyed in the 2003-2004 cohort of National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) for levels of long-chain omega-3 fatty […]

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New OQ Feature: Omega-3 Calculators!

You’ve gotten your Omega-3 Index or your Mother’s Milk DHA level tested… now what? There are recommendations for omega-3 intake for the general population (1-2 servings of fish per week, 250 mg EPA+DHA per day) or pregnant and lactating women (200 mg DHA per day), but what about YOUR personal levels and goals? Perhaps you want […]

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Canada Measures their Omega-3 Index

23 Nov 2015 | Under Heart Health, Omega-3 Index, Research | Posted by | 3 Comments

Whether you realize it or not, much of what we know about the health of our nation is due to a nation-wide survey of Americans… and tractor-trailers. The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) is a survey that measures almost everything we can think of related to health in randomly selected populations all over […]

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How do we move forward in omega-3 research when studies results are inconsistent?

29 Oct 2015 | Under Heart Health, Omega-3 Index, Research | Posted by | 0 Comments

As we have blogged about before, the omega-3 field has been embroiled in controversy recently as randomized controlled trials have not consistently been able to replicate the benefits found in preclinical and epidemiological studies.  A 2015 review entitled “Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids: The Way Forward in Times of Mixed Evidence” provides a balanced overview of […]

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