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Research Update: Increasing blood omega-3 levels in pregnant women reduces the child’s risk for asthma      

Increasing a pregnant woman’s blood omega-3 levels may reduce their child’s risk of developing asthma, according to a new study from Denmark. This evidence adds to the growing support for universal DHA supplementation of pregnant women. According to CDC asthma affects 8.6% of children under age 18 (6.3 million) and costs ~$56 billion in the […]

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New OQ Feature: Omega-3 Calculators!

You’ve gotten your Omega-3 Index or your Mother’s Milk DHA level tested… now what? There are recommendations for omega-3 intake for the general population (1-2 servings of fish per week, 250 mg EPA+DHA per day) or pregnant and lactating women (200 mg DHA per day), but what about YOUR personal levels and goals? Perhaps you want […]

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Fish during Pregnancy – Friend or Foe?

6 Feb 2015 | Under Mother's Milk DHA Testing, Research | Posted by | 0 Comments

The decision for a pregnant woman to eat fish is not easy. They may hear: “Avoid fish high in mercury,” or “only eat oily fish,” or “NO SUSHI!” The reason there are so many stipulations on fish intake for pregnant women is because fish are a source of both methyl mercury (which can be damaging […]

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Higher Milk DHA Linked to Better Test Scores in School

19 Sep 2014 | Under Mother's Milk DHA Testing, News, Research | Posted by | 0 Comments

The need for DHA in the development of the human brain is widely appreciated.  But data showing long term relationships between mother’s milk DHA levels (which reflects what the baby is eating), and long-term mental function of kids are rare. Now a new study from researchers at the University of Pittsburgh and University of California […]

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SPRING SALE! Big discounts on all OmegaQuant tests starting April 1!

OmegaQuant Spring Sale

It’s no joke – OmegaQuant has drastically reduced prices on all of it’s blood and milk tests for the Spring Sale! Look for savings of over 50% on some of our tests!   24 Fatty Acid Profile: $99  $54.95 24 Fatty Acid Profile Bundle (2 kits): $179 $99.95   Omega-3 Index: $79 $29.95 Omega-3 Index […]

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Good news for fish-eating moms

9 Jan 2014 | Under Mother's Milk DHA Testing, News, Research | Posted by | 0 Comments

Moms and women of childbearing age are now encouraged to consume fish and seafood, in part to increase their intake of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3s are important for the mom, growing fetus and new baby, so encouraging fish intake seems like a no-brainer. Unfortunately, fish can also be a potent source of a dangerous and […]

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One Fish, Two Fish: Counting Your Omega-3s

LAURA JOHANNES, Wall Street Journal If you’re wondering if you’re getting enough Omega-3 in your diet, a blood test can help you decide if you need to eat more fish. The Omega-3 index blood test measures the good fats in your red-blood cells, and grades you on your related risk of heart disease. Some doctors […]

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