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Increasing Your Omega-3 Index – Part 1: Foods

16 Mar 2017 | Under News, Omega-3 Index, Research, Uncategorized | Posted by | 0 Comments

March is National Nutrition Month, so a natural topic for our blog is to cover the best dietary sources of omega-3s. We and others have shown that dietary intake of omega-3s EPA+DHA is the main driver of Omega-3 Index levels, both in observational and intervention studies (Block et al. 2008; Harris 2007). But, as with […]

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Increasing the Omega-3 Index helps a damaged heart recover

10 Aug 2016 | Under Omega-3 Index, Research, Uncategorized | Posted by | 0 Comments

After someone has had a heart attack, some of their heart tissue has been damaged or is dead (“myocardial infarct”). The ability for the heart to “remodel” itself in order to compensate for the dead tissue or even revive said tissue is imperative for the heart to be able to function again; if the heart […]

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SPRING SALE! Big discounts on all OmegaQuant tests starting April 1!

OmegaQuant Spring Sale

It’s no joke – OmegaQuant has drastically reduced prices on all of it’s blood and milk tests for the Spring Sale! Look for savings of over 50% on some of our tests!   24 Fatty Acid Profile: $99  $54.95 24 Fatty Acid Profile Bundle (2 kits): $179 $99.95   Omega-3 Index: $79 $29.95 Omega-3 Index […]

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