The Mother’s Milk-DHA report includes:

Mother’s Milk-DHA (MM-DHA) Score
DHA Content in Commonly Consumed Types of Fish Grouped by Mercury Content

 Page 1 – Mother’s Milk-DHA Score

Your patient information is located on the upper left-hand corner. Below this is your MM-DHA score measured relative to the worldwide average (0.32% DHA of breast milk fatty acids). A short discussion of DHA in breast milk follows, with recommendations that are customized to your MM-DHA score. In addition, our Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment number is listed on each page.


Page 2 – DHA content (in milligrams) in fish and supplements grouped by mercury content

Beginning with Atlantic Salmon and ending with Orange Roughy, this table lists the DHA content of a variety of fish sorted by mercury content. Also listed is the content of DHA found in common supplements. These values (per 6 oz serving) are based on USDA Nutrient Data Lab values and are for fish cooked with dry heat unless otherwise noted. Please consult a physician about any dietary changes.