4 Ways The Omega-3 Index Blood Test Can Boost Your Product Sales

1. Bundle: The Omega-3 Index collection kit components take up little room and can easily be incorporated into your product’s packaging, so that they can be sold at retail together as a “bundle.”

2. Standalone: Selling the Omega-3 Index test alongside your omega-3 offerings as a standalone product can add a layer of credibility to your brand.

3. Giveaway/Promo: Use the Omega-3 Index test as a giveaway to your loyal customers or to new customers you are trying to acquire.

4. Subscription: The Omega-3 Index fits nicely into subscription models because an individual should be testing every 4-6 months to make sure they are keeping their omega-3 levels in the desirable zone. Sending a reminder email every 4-6 months offers you a regular point of engagement with your customers to check their omega-3 status.

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    Why OmegaQuant?

    The world’s only laboratory dedicated to fatty acid analysis that is CLIA certified 

    Use same test that has been used in 200+ research studies
    Validated and standardized testing methods
    Recognized experts in fatty acid research
    Easy to understand reports based on well established scientific studies

    The Omega-3 Index test measures the amount of the most important omega-3s in your diet — EPA and DHA — by analyzing a single drop of blood. OmegaQuant processes the Omega-3 Index as a percent of EPA and DHA in red blood cells. Above 8% is considered desirable, while anything below that is considered intermediate (4-8%) or undesirable (4% or below).


    The Omega-3 Index is a simple, safe, and convenient blood test that was invented by one of the world’s leading nutrition scientists, Dr. William S. Harris, PhD, who has published hundreds of research papers on the omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA. He invented the Omega-3 Index test in 2004 and it has since been featured as an important clinical measurement in more than 200 research papers.

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