We use a single drop of blood to measure the Omega-3 Index

  • A single finger prick provides enough blood for us to measure your Omega-3 Index.
  • This eliminates the need to have your blood drawn at a clinic and the hassle of sending hazardous materials (blood) through the mail. You can collect your sample and send it through the mail from the comfort of your own home!

We are able to pass along the savings from our efficient collection system to you, the consumer, and offer a high-quality test at an economical price.

The Omega-3 Index test can give you an unbiased view of your dietary intake of omega-3s as well as a measure of heart disease risk.

  • Other fatty acid tests do not use the same analysis methods and cannot be interchanged with the Omega-3 Index. So your EPA+DHA, for example, might be 6.7% in Lab A and 5.2% in Lab B. Which one is “right?”
  • The unique method we use at OmegaQuant has more research behind it than any other commercially-available test, and new studies continue to be published.

Dr. Harris, the Founder and President of OmegaQuant, has been doing research in omega-3s for nearly 40 years, and has more than 300 published research papers in this field.

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