Are you getting the nutrients you need?

Doctor holding healthy food

Testing your nutritional status is one thing you can do to find out if your diet is truly delivering the nutrients that are supposed to keep you healthy. In fact, many consumers and doctors are interested in how to test nutritional status, which has prompted an influx of products assessing everything from vitamin D to omega-3 levels. Here are a few items to consider.


Understand what certain tests offer.

The ever-popular genetic tests like 23andMe, Habit, and GenoPalate offers “personalized” eating and nutrition recommendations based on your DNA. These tests will do things like assess your ideal intake of carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins and minerals, and spit out a list of foods that have a nutrition profile that matches best with your genetic-based nutrition recommendations.

But nutritional blood tests like the Omega-3 Index are very different. First of all, there is no DNA involved at all. The Omega-3 Index looks at blood levels of the fatty acids commonly known as EPA and DHA. And having a certain range of these nutrients in the blood can predict your risk of certain health issues.

Invest in a test that will provide steps to improve your health.

Nutritional assessment tests like the Omega-3 Index offer you a baseline from which you can improve your nutritional status — in this case, your intake of omega-3s. Simply think of these nutrients as your fuel, the body as your fuel tank, and a nutritional test as your fuel gauge. A nutritional blood test will indicate if you are “full” or closer to “empty.” Most people, not surprisingly, are closer to empty, especially when it comes to omega-3s.

Choose a test that can be done in the comfort of your home.

Just a simple finger stick and one drop of blood is all it takes to measure your Omega-3 Index. You don’t need a prescription and you can take the test in the comfort of your own home. But there are several other advantages of the Omega-3 Index from OmegaQuant that are very important to consider.

Take control of your health.

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