OmegaMatters Broadcasts

OmegaMatters is a new video series hosted by Drs. Kristina Harris Jackson and Bill Harris, which will help put some of the most important research studies into context. Together and with invited guests, they will focus mainly on omega-3 fatty acids, but from time to time will explore other corners of the fatty acid world as well as other fat soluble nutrients like vitamin D. In many cases, they will interview the primary authors of research studies, so that these guests can guide Drs. Jackson and Harris through the findings. The mission of this series is to help people better understand the nuances of nutrition science, so that they can apply those lessons to their lives.

EPISODE #2: The Connection Between the Omega-3 Index & Heart Rate Recovery

Hosts: Drs. Bill Harris & Kristina Harris Jackson
Guests: Stephen Farrell, PhD, FACSM, Senior Investigator, The Cooper Institute

Show notes:
Omega-3 fatty acids have a long history of being “heart healthy” but exactly why and how has been less clear. In the study discussed in this episode, the investigators utilized data from 13,912 healthy men and women who had preventive medical examinations at Cooper Clinic in Dallas over a 10-year period. These examinations routinely included both treadmill exercise testing and measurement of the Omega-3 Index (i.e., red blood cell EPA+DHA levels from OmegaQuant Analytics). Comparing each patient’s heart rate recovery with their Omega-3 Index, the researchers found a significant relationship between these two variables such that the higher the Index, the faster the heart rate dropped down. The effect was more marked in women than men, but statistically significant in both… LISTEN >

EPISODE #1: Is there a relationship between the level of omega-3 fatty acids in the blood (i.e., Omega-3 Index) and death from COVID-19?

Hosts: Drs. Bill Harris & Kristina Harris Jackson
Guests: Drs. Arash Asher & Michael Meyer

Show notes:
Hosts and guests explore recently published paper on the Omega-3 Index and COVID-19: Blood omega-3 fatty acids and death from COVID-19: A Pilot Study. There have been several review papers theorizing that omega-3s might help fight COVID-19, but is the first published paper to confirm some of the hypotheses behind omega-3s and their role in mediating inflammation… LISTEN >

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