OmegaQuant University was created to house all of the educational content we have created over the last several years. These materials were created to help inform and educate you about the benefits of nutritional and medical status testing. Some of these resources are free and others are paid OnDemand courses that feature great content that you can use to further your knowledge about nutrients, testing and how to use this knowledge in your own self-care.

Nutrition Talks OnDemand
Nutrition Talks OnDemand are paid 1-hour courses that feature in-depth information about nutrients and nutritional status testing and how they can benefit your health. For each course, you will receive access to the course video presentation, a CE certificate (when applicable), and the opportunity to test your knowledge by taking the course quiz.

Nutrition Talks LIVE – FREE

These free 1-hour webinars touch on several aspects of nutrition and testing for OmegaQuant’s audience of healthcare providers as well as health-motivated individuals who are seeking to deepen their knowledge. Some prior topics we’ve covered include The Omega-3 Index & Cardiovascular Disease, Vitamin D and Omega-3s and Immunity, Omega-3, Pregnancy, Lactation & Fertility and B12 Deficiency & Neurological Damage. REGISTER FOR OUR NEXT FREE WEBINAR – The Differences Between Omega-3 Tests

OmegaMatters – FREE
OmegaMatters is a free video podcast series hosted by OmegaQuant’s Drs. Kristina Harris Jackson and Bill Harris, which help put some of the most important research studies into context. Together and with invited guests, they focus mainly on omega-3 fatty acids, but from time to time explore other corners of the fatty acid world like omega-6.
OmegaQuant Blog – FREE
We have been blogging about nutrition and the importance of nutritional status testing for several years, accumulating a significant amount of information that can help you navigate your health journey. Search by topic, or use any of our health categories such as brain health, pregnancy, omega-3s and more to find what you need.
OmegaQuant Educational Videos – FREE
We have created a library of more than 200 videos that can help you navigate the sometimes complicated world of nutrition. From tips on how to choose an omega-3 supplement to when it might be appropriate to test your vitamin D level, we have answered some of the most burning questions people have when it comes to nutrients and nutritional status testing.
OmegaQuant Testing 101 – FREE
Our specialists at OmegaQuant have put together several information video presentations on the background. benefits and logistics of our tests. These videos provide a basic overview of each test we sell and how to use them for your own self-care or in your practice with patients.

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